Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Since my creativity seems to be taking a snooze somewhere in the back of my skull, I have been amusing myself by reading Miss Snark (see the link under my Blogs I Read list). Most specifically, I have been reading up on the submission projects she has offered in the past.

And honestly, looking at what she has told other people, my first chapter sucks. And, as I look at it, it really DOES! Off to rewrite it!

Contrary to what you might expect, this actually makes me feel good. I am proud of myself that I can recognize what parts of my writing need work, and even better, make the adjustments without struggling over it. It won't help me finish the stupid thing any faster, but maybe when I DO get around to sending out queries, I won't embarrass myself overly much.


BeshterBooks said...

I had one of my Livejournal friends put out her query with Miss Snark. She's already sending out letters to agents to be poked and prodded, but she finally got feedback, and I think she found it most helpful. She like you though is waiting for her first rejection letter, just to prove she's REALLY an author.

I tell her about you, though, and hwo I hope you both hit it big, so I can claim I know famous people someday. *grin* It will come, hon, your a fabulous writer, I know you are....

Now that I have another journal to poke at and not do my own papers on...stupid papers.


K.A. Stewart said...

My first comment! Yay!

And you don't know it, Jenn, but you're pegged as one of my "complete work" beta readers too. Just need a few fresh eyes to look over the whole thing beginning to end.

You've been warned!

BeshterBooks said...

Yay, I took your jouranl comment virginity. Do I get a badge?

That's OK, by the time you get it all done, I'll be gradiated, so I can do things like read stuff that isn't Plutarch, Thucydides, or Eusebius. What, read something that is, *gasp*, just for fun.

Guess I shouldn't mention I rot my brain at Fanfiction.net at work cause sometimes you just need to do that. Not that it's good, but it's like getting piss drunk on bad Tequila, it's a good idea at the time, but later you feel like crap for it.

But I'd LOVE to read these books, God, are you kidding, I'm dying over here. All I get is bits from Gita, evil wench! Gimme, gimme, gimme. I get to read my friend Jenn's books too, so I'm used to the beta-reading.