Wednesday, May 7, 2014

As Promised...

Yeah.  That's what I said too.  Isn't it swoony??? My cover designer is Robin Ludwig Design and she has just been an angel to work with.  Highly recommended.

SO, a few other tidbits of knowledge, while I've got you here.

Looks like the July 8th release is a definite go.  That means in the week leading up to that, I will probably be working on getting it up on most of the retailers. So yes, it is possible/likely that you will be able to get the book prior to July 8th, and this is OK!  It is also possible that some of the platforms may take a few more days, and that's ok too.  We're gonna celebrate like rockstars on July 8th, just to enjoy Jesse being back.

There WILL be a print copy of the book available.  It will NOT be normal paperback size.  Do you have any idea how crazy it makes me that my books aren't going to match?  Yeah, I'm that neurotic.  More on that later.  The print book is actually going to be 5x8, so somewhere between a regular paperback and a trade paperback.  Because it will be printed as you order it, and because of the size of the book, the price is going to be noticeably higher than a regular paperback.  I'm sorry guys, but there's nothing I can do about that, especially if I want to make a teensy bit of profit for myself.

The ebook versions, however, should be priced much lower.  At least, that's the plan.

BOOK REVIEWERS - I should have 2 proof copies (think of them like ARCs, so there may be a few mistakes still) that are still homeless, so if you want one, email me at  (If you're a reviewer I haven't spoken with before, hi!  Nice to meetcha!  Please send me a link to your blog/page/billboard/talk show/podcast so that I know you're just not trying to score the book as an early read)  I should also have e-copies of the book for review if you'd rather (or if the print ones get given away).  Really gotta get on that formatting thing. *sheepish*

Wow.  This is really happening.

I gotta admit, I'm kinda a nervous wreck over this.  I keep thinking, what if I'm doing it wrong?  Surely, it can't be this easy, I had to have made some catastrophic mistake somewhere.  What if the book sucks?  What if people are disappointed?  What if someone bans my favorite ice cream flavor?  What if a snozwanger jumps out of the bushes and eats my left shoe???

(No, seriously, does anyone know a good snozwanger repellent?)

Yeah I know, I'm ridiculous.  It's what I do.