Saturday, May 12, 2007

Notes Notes Notes

Well, I didn't get much writing done on my currect project yesterday. (Though, thanks to Gita, I know that my medical guess was spot on! Yay!)

Instead, Chie and I spent most of the day brainstorming and trying to hash out final details on the storyline to the second book. I know, I know, getting ahead of myself.

But, it brought up an interesting thought. I have chosen titles for the first two books. Mostly, they're working titles, but I'm rather fond of them. They do not, however, have any type of theme between them. And I got to pondering, is this an element that is truly necessary for a trilogy? Honestly, I would hate to agonize over matching titles, only to have the publisher say "Nope, change it!" My head might explode.

Oh, the randomness in my brain...

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