Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I guess we're all entitled to one, right?

After spending a hour last night pulling my hair and bemoaning my fate, Oria pointed out to me that she has actually READ said work (that I have declared a piece of crap), and liked it. She also reminded me that it will be easier, and more productive, to revise it all at once, after I'm finished, than try to do it now with pieces still outstanding.

This is why I love my beta-readers. They are willing to put up with Neurotic Me.

Off topic: It has also occurred to me that I have most likely forgotten to give credit to all my beta-readers. Lendys, for example, is a fairly new one, and hasn't told me I'm a no-talent hack yet. I also have to include Gita and Mel in that list too (and they're currently organizing the lynch mob if I don't get the next few chapters to them soon)

Back on topic: I'm not sure what my goal is today. Obviously, whatever it is that I'm trying to do isn't working. I need to find a new voice for that particular chapter, or start the action at a different point to get things flowing. *ponder*

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