Thursday, July 31, 2008


Rawr. Rawr indeed.

Hubby's computer, after a mysterious spontaneous reboot, would no longer connect to the internet. So I rallied my contingent of geek friends, both long-distance and local, and we set about figuring out what was wrong with it. "Try setting it to a static IP" they said. No, that didn't work. "Maybe you need to re-install the network stack." Wtf does that mean? "Probably you need a whole new motherboard." Aw crap, that's gonna hurt.

And then....through an odd quirk of fate... I remember that I happened to have a brand new, unopened network card, just...laying around! I mean, it's been just laying around for like two years!

So I popped that puppy into the computer (with a bit of phone coaching from the intrepid Auggy), and lo and behold, hubby's comp is functional again!

I rock so much.

And I officially know just enough about the inside of a computer to be dangerous. I can also pull and reinstall a power supply, if need be. Like I told Auggy, I don't want to be a computer geek. I just want to not feel helpless.

In writing news... One of the agents-with-full e-mailed to ask what else I'm working on. So, after some scrambling, I whipped out pitches for both projects 3 and 4, and sent those winging into the aether. I deem this a good sign.

I also finished chapter 18 today, and split it into two on my outline. Chapter 20 (which was formerly chapter 19) may also be split, depending on how it looks when I get there. I think I'm looking at 22 chapters, max. I'm so close to done!

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BeshterBooks said...

Gita teased me with project, augh. Can't wait to read it, you know it hits on many of my personal geeks.

I've decided you all need to start writing more historical fiction, I'm f-ing bored and want to do research again.

I'm glad you got hubby's computer up and running, I think he'd fall over with no WoW to get his mind off things.