Friday, July 25, 2008

Goal Achieved

Well, at least this week's, anyway. I crossed the 50K mark on project 3, despite a delay yesterday due to sick kiddo. Chapter 17 turned out way shorter than I would prefer, but it finally came down to the fact that I couldn't really add more to it to beef it up, so I moved on. I'm about 1100 words into chapter 18, and it's just barely started, so it is promising to make up for what the previous chapter lacked.

I'm also contemplating splitting chapter 18 in two (from what I have outlined) and bumping everything that comes after down one chapter. Considering that I still have an un-outlined gap between chapter 19 and the last two chapters (figure, this is a 1-2 chapter hole), it might help smooth over some of what I'm missing.

I've also been pondering why I seem to have problems with certain books (most recently Scar Night and Iron Angel come to mind). There's nothing wrong with them, but I have difficulty wrapping my brain around some of the setting. I really have to work at picturing what he's describing (not through any lack on his part, the defect is mine) because it's just SO different. And I realized the other day that it's because I am too hung up on applying THIS world's physics/idea of normality.

This may also apply to Project 3. It has occured to me that I may be working too hard to have a "real" explanation for some of the fantastic things I'm describing. A scientific reality behind the superstition and religion that my invented people believe in. Maybe, just maybe, I could just LET them be fantastic. Who's to say that it's not how my invented world works?

I guess, to quote Fox Mulder, I want to believe.


BeshterBooks said...

The worlds I loved best are ones where things aren't always explained, they just are, and you just live with that as the reader.

BeshterBooks said...

Lurk...lurk lurk...all is quite in here. Spoooooky.....

Hope you are all right hon, though Gita seemed to indicate all was well with you when I spoke to her yesterday.

Work is boring...*sigh*