Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's all about perspective

After some events in the real life today, I have to say that perspective matters. I mean sure, I'm not a world famous published author (yet). Maybe hubby's jobs aren't that great, maybe we could always use just a bit more money. Maybe the entire cast of Deliverance DOES live across the street from me.

But in the big picture, we're pretty damn lucky. I mean, we HAVE jobs. We HAVE a house. And no one has told me my writing sucks yet. (Seriously, if anyone was going to, it should have been Chie)

Gita arrives here next Monday to close on her own very special house, and then I shall have yet another beta-reader within flogging distance. Chie will be visiting for a good chunk of a week in early August, and I'm really looking forward to that too.

Now, if I can just get back in the writing groove. Honestly, haven't touched project 3 since before the 4th, and I'm starting to feel very guilty about that. But if the words just aren't there, they just aren't there. I think I'll let myself go for this weekend, but then next Monday, I'm writing something even if it's a dirty limerick.

How many things rhyme with Nantucket?

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BeshterBooks said...

I'm always happy to read your stuff, but I refused to be flogged. Hence why I live so far away. *grin*

PS-Don't think I don't worry about you with all the mortgage meltdown. Course, I figure you'd say something if stuff was bad, or else Gita would tattle on you. ;)