Monday, July 14, 2008


SO, let me explain to you what the world looks like on two hours of sleep. It looks weeeeeird.

I don't know why I couldn't sleep last night, but somewhere between 10pm and 2am, I managed to do quite a bit of thinking on Project 3. That thinking lead to writing about 800 words today, and hopefully will continue something. Cut me some slack, I haven't slept.

So, around 2-ish, I fell asleep. Only to be awakened by hubby coming to bed around 4-ish. Now, hubby snores. BADLY. But by the time I had decided that no court in the world would convict me of smothering him with a pillow, it was already 5 and my alarm was going to go off in half an hour, so oh well, another opportunity wasted.

And you say, but why did you not call in to work and just sleep? And I say this is an excellent question. I don't have a good answer for it, but it's a GREAT question. All I know is, every time I thought "Hey, I should call in", my feet just kept moving forward, taking me through my normal morning routine. And really, that's what I've done all day.

I feel a little wonky, and since Gita is officially a near-neighbor and touring her house is on the agenda tonight, I don't see a nap in my future. However, this should make sure that I sleep HARD tonight. No more insomnia, it isn't fun.

Hubby is currently giving me "that" look. (yes, women do not have a monopoly on the look) His look says "Stop typing and go take a nap, you dork." I may. Poor Gita may have to wait for tomorrow for the grand tour.