Monday, August 4, 2008

The Week That Fell Into The Void

This is my annual week of doing absolutely nothing. (not to be confused with my OTHER weeks of doing absolutely nothing, which happen on an unofficial and unwelcome basis)

Today I took off work so my mother could take kiddo school shopping. Gita was nice enough to go with us, and much fun was had by all. (can't believe kiddo is starting school next week)

I'm working tomorrow and Wednesday, which may be my only opportunity to get any writing done at all, and I'm honestly not going to push it too hard. (reference the first line for explanation)

Then Thursday, Chie arrives for her annual visit, and we'll be running around KC doing various and asundry possibly improper things which will preclude any writing. Chie leaves next Monday, and then I suppose I might get things back to normal (whatever normal is)

(Can I possibly use more parentheses in one post?)

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BeshterBooks said...

Tell Gita to get a 'first day of school' picture of the kiddo, I need something else to clutter my desk! *grin*