Saturday, August 30, 2008


I have a topic? Anyway...

Saw this yesterday on CNN, and I immediately tought of the Jewell Pack. How many years did we lust after David Duchovny? We analyzed every moment of the X-files, we watched the original Red Shoe Diaries... And now this. Ah Dave, we barely knew ya.

Seriously, if you're going into rehab, more power to you. But dude...say it was for drugs like everybody else. We seriously didn't need to know this.


BeshterBooks said...

*grin* I tell you, it explains Mulder's porn addiction.


Living in LA, a sex addiction is so boring. I'd hope for something a bit more exciting.

Speaking of which, I'm having way too much fun watching the old X-files episodes. God, I miss you guys...

BeshterBooks said...

Oh...and sadly I still think he's addiction or not...LOL

I think it's healthier than Caron's obsession with Bradley Whitford, just saying.