Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Short Post of Many Colors

No writing done today (bleh) but I did finish chapter 19 yesterday. I also ADDED a new chapter to the outline, so I'm still at 4 (possibly 5) remaining before I'm done. I think I'm defeating my own purpose.

I came home today to another request for the full manuscript on Project 2. Yay! With all this interest, surely someone will bite. Surely. (I know, I know, stop calling you Shirley)

Kiddo seems to be doing fine in school, though I don't know how much actual schooling they've had yet. She's mastered the lunch line, that much is clear.

Anyway, I'm scrambling to cook dinner before my WoW raid tonight (yes, I am THAT kind of geek).


BeshterBooks said...

I'm surrounded by WoW geeks, I had an ear full of it last night from the boys. *long suffering sigh*

Really I hope someone bites soon on your story, especially since people keep asking for the full and whole thing.

TerriRainer said...

If I don't have a clue what a WoW even is, does that make me an even bigger geek (or just old)?

:) Terri

K.A. Stewart said...

WoW stands for World of Warcraft. Big video game, played by geeks all over the world. ;)