Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome 2008!

Well, it's official, I am old. Neither I, nor hubby made it to the lovely midnight hour. (though, I did wake up when the neighbors' fireworks went off, to tell hubbby Happy New Years)

I have decided that this year will be full of amazing things for me and mine. (and I extend "mine" to include anyone I've even remotely heard of) I have 30 days +hours to finish the revisions/query letter for project two. I have three new projects waiting in the wings. (yes, three! Just thought up another one yesterday, that might actually fall into a YA category.) Most likely, the most recent idea will be the one that sits on the mental shelf for a while, since it's really only a premise, not an actual plot. (Remember, I'm great with premise, but plot takes more work)

Anyway, big plans for 2008, with hopefully great results.

(And I'll update my wordcount thingy to the left as soon as Zokuto word meter starts working again. For some reason, it's not functional for me. Bleh)

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