Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tales of Deadlines Passed we are, January 31st. Still not a publishable manuscript in sight. I'm closer now! Closer is good. But not there yet. Truly, I can't bring myself to be down about it. January has been a darned good month as far as editing goes. And as I was just telling Chie the other day, if nothing else, this book has taught me a LOT about editing.

And considering that I actually started this book (as in, the idea entered my brain) on May 20th of last year, I've spent less than a year on this and come up with what I still think is something great. (y'know, except for the times that I'm sure everything I've ever written is total shite) Before this, I was never sure if I could write an entire book in under a year. Now I know I can. Somehow, this makes me feel fulfilled.

So, my next deadline? Haven't figured that out yet. Maybe I should set it as May 20th to start my next book. Not only does it seem to be a good day for writing, but it's my wedding anniversary and therefore easy to remember.

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