Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tick tock, Tick tock

Countdown to Deadline

I was able to sit down and read Project 2 from end to end today. It took me about three hours, which is pretty average for a normal book and me. I am currently standing about 62,200 words, which is still woefully short of my goal. At minimum, I want to add another 8K to it, but I've officially lost the ability to be objective. I've stared at it too long.

So, it's out to three of my betas again (the saints who have expressed interest in reading yet ANOTHER revision), and I've put a shout out to the Absolute Write crew to see if any of them want to beta for me too.

A big part of me is petrified that, even though this book is still better than anything I've written previously, it's still not going to be worth trying to publish. I wonder, if it's still short, should I bother sending it out at all? Not like I can come up with a decent query letter to save my life. This is apparently my day to kick myself while I'm down. Anyone else want a shot?


Anonymous said...

I love your countdown to deadline link :) I hope you make it! Who do I have to bribe with chocolate to get on your beta readers list? ;p

K.A. Stewart said...

Look me up in game, dear, I'm rather in dire need of fresh betas. (I think I broke my last ones. :( )