Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Editing Blows

And no, that's not a noun, that's a verb. I am seriously sick to death of editing. I do believe that everything I've done so far is making the book better, but part of me wants to kick my own butt because I didn't think of this stuff the first go round. Mighta saved a lotta people some heartache and tons of lost reading time.

The January 31st deadline looms, and I am confident in saying I will NOT make it. My goal had been to have a submit-able manuscript, as well as a good query letter and synopsis written by then. The manuscript isn't ready yet, the query letter is...pathetic, and I haven't even tried a synopsis yet. (the query letter has made me condense-shy)

Makes me wish I could buy Cliffs Notes for my own book.

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