Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Necessary Evil

I love my Real Job(tm). Really, I do. Except for today. Or, this week/month in general. It's just terminally frustrating to realize that the stupid people all get paid more than I do.

But what frustrates me the most is that my Real Job(tm) Frustration effectively ends any creative impulse I might have been having. I can't write, I can't even clear my head enough to mentally plot out scenes. I just stare at the blinking cursor and keep thinking how I want to throttle someone in another city.

It's days like this that I want to drink heavily.


Harbormaster said...

I drive my wife crazy in this area. You need to love your work and vocation. To plod away day after day in a depressing career is a bane to me. I am aways suspect of people that say they enjoy working with people during a job interview. Hopefully you just experienced some rough spots with the public and enjoy what's happening around you. Luck.

Virginia Lee said...

I use IRL people to inspire my characters. For example, I had a supervisor once with less education than me as well as less couth and culture. She inspired a character I'm using in my first murder mystery.

"The woman must have been raised by colorblind drag queens on acid. She was a disaster of femininity. Every cliched image of Southern womanhood was wrapped into one horrific package."

Anonymous said...

I so know that feeling. It's totally annoying, but then again, you can always lampoon them in your writing, like I sometimes do.