Friday, June 29, 2007


So, yesterday was lost to a sick kiddo. Nothing serious, just an ear infection, but when she's clingy it's impossible to do anything else.

Today I will be catching up Real Job(tm) work from yesterday, and then tonight I have a wedding rehearsal. Tomorrow, I have the wedding itself. (thank the gods, not mine, but I'm in it, so I gotta be there)

Needless today, I don't expect to be back up and functional until Monday sometime.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


BeshterBooks said...

I'm gone for two weeks, and interlopers comment on your journal! *snerk*

Glad you got some other folk to rea dand comment too!

See you at the shindig tonight. Keeping the bride sane over here...sorta.

K.A. Stewart said...

Are you kidding? I'm taking bets on when she bolts. You wanna get in on this action? ;)

Jim Melvin said...

I have five daughters, so needless to say I am not a fan of ear infections.

BeshterBooks said...

Home safe and sound, told Scott I'd let him know, but duffus forgot to give me his cell phone number.