Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's Always Something

The Real Job(tm) is effectively preventing me from doing anything even remotely creative today. On the upside, I only have to do this particular heinous project quarterly, so when I get it done finally, I'm free for another three months.

How convenient that this hits right at the time that I'm feeling my creative vibe returning. My revised chapter one has now become chapters one and two, and there will be new writing in chapter three. I'm so excited about these changes. Not only is my writing stronger now (I wrote some of these things almost three years ago), but my grasp of the story and where I want to go is stronger.

Chie and Oria have both agreed that this new version is a much tighter, much less "spewy" read. Theo hasn't chimed in yet, but the man does have to sleep, after all, give him a break.

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