Friday, January 2, 2009

The Year in Review

Wow, where to start. 2008 was a strange ride.

It started with the Great Flood, repercussions of which are still trickling down my driveway and freezing solid. (I busted both knees on Christmas Eve, and they're still a lovely shade of purple)

I sent out my first query letter, got my first partial request, and my first partial rejection, all within four days. An auspicious beginning, to be sure. I wrote two books (if you count the NaNo project which is one chapter from completion). I revised Project 2 umpteen billion times. I got an agent.

Kiddo started school, and karate classes. She lost her first tooth at Thanksgiving, and proved that she'd rather wear red velvet dresses than ripped up blue jeans. (Are we sure this is my child?)

Hubby spent about two months this summer without gainful employment, which seriously tapped our resources. He also proved that he DOES know the meaning of budget, and cutting spending.

We got Gita to move within spitting distance, resulting in the most social activity for me possibly EVER. Chie visited, with spectacular results.

The year ended with a bang, literally, and our chimney in our front yard. But insurance is paying for it, and we've discovered that our neighbors might be decent people after all, even if we have no idea who they are after six years.

My writing hopes for 2009:
*Revise Project NaNo. Revise Project 3. Get both out to beta readers, and into some semblance of presentable shape.
*If I have time after that, I want to outline Son of Project 2, and get the sequel underway.
*I hope The Agent sells Project 2, with or without any siblings attached. I hope he likes the other projects, when I send them to him.

Thanks to all of you who stick with me from day to neurotic day. Let's see where the next year takes us.

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BeshterBooks said...

Lord, after all these years, I have to stick with you day to day, don't I. If nothing else, it allows me to keep tabs on you, cause it's a bit weird getting Gita to always do it for me. LOL