Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Random Assortment of Stuff

So... In the ongoing water-in-the-driveway saga... The lady from the city said that the water is not city water, but a natural spring. Said it's not the city's problem. The insurance company says the water is coming from city property, therefore it IS the city's problem.

I figured I was going to have to take weapons of mass destruction and storm somebody's office over this mess.

But when I get home tonight, I see that someone has been here, spraying the location of all the underground power lines, etc. along the street/driveway/yard where the water is leaking. Is it possible that someone is going to deal with it? Dare I hope?

Also, my friend Cindy is having a contest to give away ARCs of her upcoming YA fantasy Silver Phoenix. So please, head on over to her blog and fess up to your favorite kind of Chinese food! Also, surf around her website and check out her gorgeous artwork.

And on a similar note, my other friend Kim is also giving away an ARC of HER upcoming book, The Unbreakable Child. Visit her blog and reveal your favorite comfort food.

And wow, that may be the most links I've ever put in one post.

Still trying to finish Project NaNo. I am about 1/3-ish into the final chapter, and I figure even if I'm just puttering along, I should finish it by next week. I'm anxious to get it finished, I want to do some basic revisions, then get it out to my betas.

Waiting to hear back from The Agent on the revisions I sent him. This effort may be hampered by the fact that my "professional" e-mail address seems to have borked itself. I'm waiting for word from the Intrepid Auggy on what has happened and when/if it can be fixed.


Auggy said...

It wasn't the server!

Mean old nasty writerses, blaming it all on the precious, but we dursen't let them do we Precious?

BeshterBooks said...

A natural spring...that just happens to run through your property? And no one noticed it before it started flooding your driveway....say when they built you house?

*sporks the city* Stooopid.