Thursday, January 15, 2009

Changed my mind, wanna come down

Bonus points to anyone who can ID that quote. (hint: It's from a cartoon)

So, after several frustrating hours yesterday where I stared at Project NaNo, knowing what was wrong with it but unable to figure out HOW to fix it, I decided to open up Project 3 a little and read. I mean, I hadn't even looked at it since the beginning of October, so it had time to ferment, etc.

And you know what I discovered? It's not that bad! Not nearly as bad as I remember it being.

So, today I started revising Project 3. Most of what I'm doing for this round is cosmetic (changing some terminoloy/caps lock/italics decisions), and adding in some details that I thought would flesh out the world a bit more. I am planning on it taking me two weeks, then I'm going to ship this puppy off to betas and see what they think. (They're probably going to think that I'm very very strange)

And to my very great delight, somehow in the process of revising chapter 1, my antagonist has increased in creepiness. Like, creepiness x5 instead of x2.

My other project to work on tonight is to add another link bar to the left side, linking to all my writer friends from AW and beyond. Stay tuned!


jyantes said...

At -29F wind chill, I am ready for some reading to warm me the hell up.

Leon1234 said...

Hey, how are you doing? Hope all is well.