Monday, January 26, 2009

I Rawk

After some hurried discussion with hubby, Chie and Gita on Saturday, I sat down yesterday and banged out the requested last-minute tweaks to Project 2 and got those shipped back to The Agent. Guess that means we're going on submission soon? I'll keep you posted.

Also wanted to share this:

Why no, this is not the newest ice skating rink in town, this is my freaking DRIVEWAY! (and yes, it's looked like this mostly since October) Seriously, water department. It's been a year, and my hubby would really like to be able to park in his garage again. Where's the love? Yes, this is all from the water-leak-that-isn't-a-water-leak-but-now-is-a-water-leak-again.

And you see the pile of jagged ice chunks at the end of the drive? Yeah, that's yesterday's ice that we diligently broke up and scooped out of the drive, only to be replaced with today's ice.

I am no longer amused.

1 comment:

BeshterBooks said...

Holy crap....

Well when in doubt, rent it out to the local daredevils to sled down for a buck a pop.

Just saying.

Ugh, so not fun.