Thursday, January 29, 2009

So much going on

My head is swimming.

I've had one more back-n-forth with The Agent on more last second tweaks. I think I got it all figured out and sent back today. (he said it was fine before I did this last bit, but I really wanted to try and make it perfect) I hope the next e-mail I get from him is saying that he's sending it out to publishers.

The dudes from the water company were here today, and they painted more marks on the street. I'm assuming this means that they really are going to dig it up and fix the year-long water leak. PLEASE let them fix the water leak. I'm so sick of ice and water, I'm ready to move to Arizona.

We also have a man from the city coming on Saturday to look at our damaged foundation/driveway/garage door (again). I just want it fixed. That's all I want.

My revisions on Project 3 have stalled a bit, and I've been toying with Son of Project 2 at least in outline form. I'm still not pleased with my potential plot. (I've come up with some REALLY great stuff for book 3 in the series, though. Nothing like getting ahead of myself.)

I think I shall take the rest of this week/weekend off (yay Superbowl!) then get back to doing SOMEthing on Monday, be it revisions or outlining sequels.

Wish me luck!


Auggy said...

If you're moving to Arizona, take me with you.

I'm low maintenance. Just keep me out of direct sunlight, and make sure the internets are fast.

K.A. Stewart said...

And don't feed you after midnight? Oh wait, that's mogwai...

BeshterBooks said...

Move to Arizona, I can come visit you!!!!!!

Of course, that may make you NOT want to move there. Hmmm....

Anonymous said...

Heard you got the greenlight!! Yay for subs!!!