Sunday, May 4, 2008

Teh Crazy, It burns!

So...yeah, I'm a loon. Still convinced I had a rejection winging its way to me (and since I was home on Friday because the kiddo was sick), I stalked the mailman. Really, that just consisted of waiting til I saw the truck drive past my house, then running out to the mailbox.

Only to find that during the storms that slammed the Midwest on Thursday night/Friday morning, something had hit our mailbox and bent the latch shut. So, because the mailman couldn't get the mail, he left us none. Arghhhh!

I grabbed my handy-dandy hammer (yes, I have my own hammer) and bent the latch back, then Saturday I did a repeat stalking performance. The mailman came...he stopped at the bank of mailboxes that contains ours... and he drove away. And I ran out to the street to see what nugget of depression he'd left me! And... I had junk mail.

Yeah, I know, I deserved it. I'm well aware that I'm just about one loose screw short of a straight jacket. Oi.

Oh well, tomorrow, I promise to start writing again. And maybe I need to ban myself from agent blogs until I'm done with this submission process.

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BeshterBooks said...

Um...yeah, that's pretty nutty, even for you.