Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Post-Holiday Stuffs

Mostly a quick update, 'cause I'm behind on the dinner/dishes schedule for the evening.

The family (read: kiddo & I) are currently battling poison ivy. Kiddo's is clearing up, and mine....makes me want to jump off a roof. It's just one spot, a bit bigger than a 50 cent piece, but it's driving me absolutely batty and I can't seem to find anything to kill the itch. No, we have no idea where we picked it up, but we are choosing to blame the hubby & his brother who are apparently immune to poison ivy and were working in the yard recently.

We went to see Indiana Jones with Gita on Sunday and (even though I couldn't have popcorn *sob*)it was a great ride. Indiana Jones is one of my fondest childhood memories, and I'm glad they didn't tinker with it too much. I'm not sure why other people keep whining about it being a bad movie. If you didn't expect to see Indy be Indy, don't go SEE Indy. Duh.

I hit 30K on Project 3 today, AND got another full request for Project 2 from an agent. Yay!

Hopefully, I'll have time tomorrow to write something longer and more insightful.

Edited to add: And as I sit here, I got another query rejection in too. Guess I'm covering all the bases today!


dragonflylass said...

We saw Indy on Sunday, too! 11:30 showing for $5 (shows before 12 are $5, woot!).

I had to wax poetic about the fact that we watched Indy while the Indy 500 was being run. I found it a little amusing. Maybe it was just me.

PS. I LOVED Indy... the movie, not the race since Danica didn't win... never mind... anyway. I especially loved the prairie dogs (go figure!) and the scene when Marion drives them off the cliff. Muahahahahaha!!!! Revenge for all the brainless Indy women!!!! OK. I go now.

BeshterBooks said...

Gah, poison ivy. I'm surprised you haven't clawed your skin off. I'm certain hubby and his brother consort with demons to have the ability to withstand poison ivy.

At least that's my theory.