Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 3 of the diet from Hell

Needless to say, I did not hit 30K last week. Real life saw fit to intervene. I am hoping, however, that I can hit that mark by tomorrow, Friday at the latest.

My lack of writing desire/time can be directly traced to the fact that I am now (and for the next three weeks) on a rather irritating diet. Ever try to eat a low-iodine diet? Don't. It's not fun.

I have, however, discovered the bliss that is kosher salt. It truly does have a better flavor than regular salt. I am also exploring the wonderful world of fresh veggies (as opposed to canned) and unsalted peanutbutter (dubious at best).

But it's only for three weeks, and then I intend to go hogwild and eat all kinds of stuff that are seriously unhealthy for me.

No news on the submission front, and that's ok. I did realize that yesterday (me & hubby's 8th anniversary) was also the one-year anniversary of the date he and I dreamed up project 2. It's amazing what changes a year can bring.

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BeshterBooks said...

It's been eight years! *blink* Gah, I remember it like it was yesterday, swathed in a Ren fair costume, (which was silly looking back as I wasn't a bridesmaid), and getting my boobs sunburned. Still, your wedding was so much fun. Smooches to you and the hubbie for eight years, we were and are so happy you two FINALLY got together.

As for foods, Kosher salt is great for cooking, I use it all the time, (though I have to remember to use table salt sometimes too for the iodine). It brings a much better flavor to your foods than regular salt does, and you have to use less of it to get that flavor. Use it on meats you plan on grilling, it really is great for that.

I also don't ever buy canned veggies anymore, I really hate the taste. I buy fresh from a farmer's market and then freeze them in zippy bags, like you'd buy frozen veggies. It works just as well, and tastes better, and is better for you.

Wow, this is a long ass comment. I'll return to my corner now.