Monday, May 12, 2008

Goals ahoy!

Ok, my goal this week is to break 30K on project 3. To do so (since I started today at 24,400 words), I need to write 1,120 words a day (Monday-Friday). Today, I wrote 1,156, so mission accomplished!

I also feel rather accomplished because hubby and I finally got the lawn mower out of winter storage, and the yard is beginning to look less like a jungle and more like a yard. Granted, we still have an entire forest worth of downed tree branches from the storms that keep popping up, but think baby steps here.

No news on the submission front. I sent a poke to one agent-with-partial (after doing valiant battle with her spam filter), and another one has promised via her blog that she will have all submitted partials read by the end of next weekend. I harbor secret fears that agent-with-full will once again have to fish my e-mail out of his spam filter (see a trend here?), but I'm trying not to succumb to technology paranoia.

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