Thursday, May 8, 2008

Random Randomness

I wrote almost 1,000 words today, but you'd never know it from my progress meter. That's because I also deleted a huge chunk, did some shuffling and rearranging, etc. The deleted section has gone in my scrap pile, to see if I can find a place for it later. (yes, I'm a packrat in real life AND in writing. I never get rid of anything if I can help it)

Thanks to a lovely stomach bug kiddo dragged home from the daycare, I was unable to go to Denver with Gita for her mother's funeral. Considering the condition I was in when she left, she's probably very glad I did not. I did, however, lose four pounds in one day. (NOT a weight loss method I advocate, by the way)

There is no further news on the submission front. I am contemplating giving a status poke to the one agent who has had my partial for 8 weeks (tomorrow). Part of me also fears that by doing this, I'll get my rejection that much faster. Theo keeps telling me to think positive, that this is THE ONE (please please please let him be right) but I've decided I'm a pessimist at heart. Actually, I'm a pessimist AND a cynic. "Glass half full or half empty? What glass! The bastards stole my glass!"

It's also possible that my blood sugar is still a bit off from my two-day adventure in not eating, so take anything I babble with a grain of salt.

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BeshterBooks said...

Feel better soon, hon! I don't advocate losing weight that way either, unless you are a supermodel. Blech.