Saturday, November 3, 2007

Rare Day

I've spent a good portion of the day (well, this afternoon, really) writing, which is highly unusual. I'm not programed to write from home, after all. But thanks to Gita, who kept me babbling through IMs, the various websites I like to lurk on (waves to the AW crew), and fiddling with my music selections, I managed to trick myself into feeling like I was multi-tasking, which seems to be the requisite for productive writing.

I finished the revision of chapter 23 (the final chapter!). Now, I need to go back and tweak four earlier chapters with things I thought of after I was done with them. Then I need to research and choose six quotes with which to introduce certain chapters. Then...oh, then... I will be done with revision number two.

I'm excited, and terrified, all at once. Gita made the comment that she didn't realize my novel had come out so short the first time. I guess this is a good thing, maybe indicating that the story is good enough to make a reader lose track of silly things like length.

Or, it was so boring she thought it dragged on interminably anyway.

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