Wednesday, November 28, 2007


comes at bizarre times.

Last night, just before drifting to sleep (I do my best creating then), I realized a very simple way to expand on a certain scene in the book. I was just tickled pink with myself, and so today I wrote that replacement scene and took a 500 word scene to almost 1400 words. Yay!

Theo is working harder on his beta-reading comments for the book than I think he does for his school work. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing them.

The holiday weekend was all right, if you ignore the fact that I came down with the plague Wednesday night, and I'm only starting to feel truly human today. In fact, Friday passed in a comatose blur, and the hubby did a remarkable job of stepping up to run the house/kiddo without me.

Friday night is my birthday. (you don't need to know which one. Suffice it to say that centennial quarters have special meaning for me) I doubt we're doing anything then, but my mother may be doing the birthday lunch thing Saturday, then Gita may swing by for a repeat performance on Sunday. Needless to say, I don't intend to get much writing done this weekend, and that's ok.


Lynnette Labelle said...

Happy belated B-day. I hope you're feeling better.

Would you mind helping out a fellow writer? I've posted my query on my blog and am hoping to get some feedback. When you get a chance, could you check it out? Thanks for helping a newbie. :)

K.A. Stewart said...

I can check out the query, but I can't promise to offer anything enlightening and/or helpful. I'm struggling through it myself.

Thanks for stopping by!