Monday, August 27, 2007

Today's Efforts

I churned out about 700-ish words on chapter 16 today, and then the Real Job (tm) reared its ugly head and that was all she (well, I really) wrote. But it came at a point where I'd written myself into a stuck place, so the timing was good.

And oddly, it isn't a stuck place where I don't know what happens next. This project is fairly well outlined, (one of the reasons it's going so quickly, I think) but occasionally I hit a snag where I simply can't string more than three words together to get from Point A to Point B. This usually occurs when I am transitioning between scenes without a chapter break. There's only so many graceful ways to do it, and sometimes, I flounder.

I trust, however, that when I pull up the document tomorrow morning, the solution will spring right out at me and then I'll feel ridiculous for struggling with it in the first place.


Wide Lawns said...

I find that I sometimes have to sleep on it when that happens to me. Maybe some of the getting stuck part is being tired. Another thing I've recently begun to tell myself is that if I feel stuck or plodding when writing a certain part, then the reader is going to feel that way when reading it too. I'll bet you'll have a brilliant solution tomorrow.

K.A. Stewart said...

Well...solution, yes. Brilliant...remains to be seen.

And sadly, the fear that the reader feels as plodding as I do has loomed large in my head of late. I comfort myself by reminding me that this is only a FIRST draft, and the second draft will not only double in size, but quadruple in quality.

I hope.