Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Is There a Maid in the House?

So, instead of having four days to do the frantic housecleaning I needed to do, kiddo and I both came down sick on Friday and I have instead had two days to do all of that.

Right now, Chie has been told that she is confined to the kitchen, the living room, and if she has to pee, she has to do it in the yard. (bathroom just isn't up to my "guest" standard)

Still, picking her up in the morning, and I'm so excited! (If for no other reason than to hear a sentence that doesn't being with "Mommy!") I'm sure we'll talk about writing and all, but really, I'm just looking forward to the relaxation and companionship.

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BeshterBooks said...

Hey honey, I'm home and can read your blog again! And I am glad that you have someone that isn't the chibbie or the hubbie to talk shop to. Enjoy kindred spirit time!

And I'll email you pis of the little one I took while there when I get to it. I'm still recovering from Rome.