Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rollin' rollin' rollin'...

keep them dogies rollin'...! Hmm...anyone know how to spell dogies? Y'know, the one that means cows, not canines.

Finished Chapter 10, and it came out way longer than the other chapters I've worked on. Yes, this is a good thing. It means I have less to revise later. I also got started on the first 200 words or so of chapter 11!

Part of me feels very guilty about ignoring project number 1 for so long, especially since I pretty much dumped it in the middle of a rewrite. (rather like breaking up with the girl who just got plastic surgery to make you happy) But I'm terrified if I break my momentum on project 2 that I'll stutter to a stop altogether. I suppose I should just be happy that I'm writing SOMEthing, and not sweat the details.

Still, maybe I should buy my original protagonist flowers or something. Though...she's probably prefer a new gun or sword. Maybe a new pair of boots. Sea water is hard on leather.


Rachel Lange said...

Be happy you are writing :) Any chance you are letting people read what you have written of #1. I am more intrigued each time you write about it. If not that's ok :) I will wait till it gets published!

K.A. Stewart said...

Actually, #1 is in a permanent state of rewrite at the moment. Poor thing. I seriously need to stop neglecting it, and make it all I know it can be.

But I will say, once I have it presentable, I am in search of virgin beta readers (as in beta readers who haven't heard me babble about the storyline for the last three years) so I will definitely keep you in mind!

Rachel said...

yay I am looking forward to it then :)