Monday, November 24, 2008

I haz notes!

And it just proves that no matter how often I have things critiqued and ripped to shreds, and nitpicked into oblivion, there is still this initial gut reaction that wants to stomp out of the room and throw a hissy fit.

So, I will sit and let these notes process through my increasingly mushy brain. Some of the things I can already see are "tweaky" and easily accomplished. Some are simply things that need further clarification in text. And some... I don't know. I suppose I'm always within my rights to say no. But before that, I think there will need to be multiple back and forths with The Agent to hash out some points I'm leery on altering.

In the meantime, I shall NaNo on. It is possible that I will not only hit the 50K, but that I will soldier on and finish the entire novel within the month. This amazes me no end. And I have to wonder, have I always been capable of this output rate, or is it the fact that I had a REALLY good outline before I even started.

(my vote is for the outline)

Needless to say, all future projects will be outlined this way. This has gone SO smoothly.

1 comment:

Auggy said...

So, organization makes things go better?

...I never knew that.