Monday, November 17, 2008

Hi, I'm a WoW addict.

This is the part where you all say "Hi, WoW addict!"

Seriously, I did nothing this weekend but crack out with the new expansion pack for hours at a time. And I realized, when I ended the weekend feeling rather refreshed and not dreading the coming week, that it had been a long time since I just did something mindless and fun.

Sure, I didn't get any writing done, so I'm technically behind on my NaNo count (less than a full day behind after today's efforts, though). But you know what? Sometimes, you just gotta breathe.

Got to see the Donder, her hubby, and her offspring this weekend. That was awesome. I have a feeling that it's a good thing they live so far away, or her hubby and my hubby would get into trouble together.

Also got to see the Mel and go out to dinner on Saturday with her. We definitely don't see her enough. And she's going to be moving even farther away! Where's the logic there?

Ah well, I guess this is what happens when everyone grows up and gets real jobs.

And at least I'm back to writing today. Pounded out 2,571 and finished up Chapter 9. I'm still pretty stoked about my progress, and even happier that I can already see where I need to revise and make better. I guess my greatest fear is writing something that I know is too short, but that I can't see any way to improve/lengthen it.

Off to fix dinner!

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BeshterBooks said...

Wish I could have seen everyone too...*sigh* That's what I get for living in the left coast.

See, you should all come to the dark side...we have cookies...with macadamia nuts.

Mmmmm, hazelnut hot chocolate....