Friday, November 7, 2008

Hi, lurkers!

I love it when people I don't know comment on my blog! (and it's even better when they're nice people!) Makes me feel like I do exist, instead of being a figment of my friends' collective imagination. (we did have an imaginary friend in college. Hi Donder! It's a long story)

I shot past 20k total on the NaNo project today. I'm kind of in a daze, really. I have NEVER written anything this fast. And sure, it's not perfect, but's really whizzing by! I'm starting to wonder if I can get the entire thing finished in the month, instead of just the 50K I was planning on.

I have just enough that I can justify NOT writing this weekend if I have to. (read: if real life interferes) On the other hand, if I do get to write, I'm just going to pad my lead. Which isn't a bad idea considering the four-day weekend that is Thanksgiving + my birthday this year.

Happy weekend, folks! Get to writing!


BeshterBooks said...

Donder wasn't imaginary...really...I mean...yeah, you are right, it's a long story.

Speaking of which I haven heard from her and the hubby lately, must reach out to her soon.

I find the fact that we had an imaginary party god much more disturbing than our imaginary friend...

K.A. Stewart said...

Donder & hubby and offspring are goign to be here in town next week, 11th - 13th, and we'll give you a call then to spout nonsense at you over speaker phone. ;)

And don't blaspheme the Sparky.

BeshterBooks said...

*grin* No blaspheming Sparky.

OK, will keep an ear out for phone as I will be in San Diego doing nothing! Will love to hear from them.

Unknown said...

Have you found Algernon Blackwood's short story yet?