Monday, October 13, 2008

Rainy Monday

I hate days when the sun doesn't even come out. It makes it impossible for me to know what time it is. (damn circadian rhythms)

I have added a followers widget over on the left. Go on, I'll wait while you look. You will notice, I have no followers. This is not surprising, since virtually no one knows who I am. Yet. But I want to be able to look back on this post some day (preferably after my followers widget has blown up due to too many people) and say "Ha! Remember when it was empty?" And if anyone who reads this (someone DOES read this, right? 'cause otherwise, I'm just talking to myself) wants, you can be the FIRST one to follow me! C'mon, you know you want to.

Reading other author blogs is starting to make me depressed. I can't even begin to explain how envious I am of people who are able to get 3,000+ words in on a project in a day. Granted, I have the Real Job(tm), and the kiddo, and the hubby (who is like another child), so it's understandable that my writing time is more limited. But still... I'm soooo jealous. I want to be able to just spend my days writing to my heart's content instead of having to juggle it with everything else under the (now-hiding) sun.

Got another 1,300 words in on Project 3 today. Tomorrow's job will be the big climax scene. That should finish out this chapter, then the next chapter is all denoument. It's a bit strange to realize I'm finally typing out this scene that I've had in my head all these months, never knowing quite how I would GET to it. You'd think, after finishing other novel-length works, that I'd be more used to it by now.


Auggy said...

I am such a lemming.

BeshterBooks said...

You know, I've lurked here for months, and after having left my shoes in your dorm room, slept at your house and your mothers house, and seeing more of your husband than I ever wanted to see after wild, strip poker games in college, I think I know you without the whole 'you being famous' angle.

I don't know you in the Biblical sense, thank goodness, but then we did sleep with that one wall between us the year the roomie and I were you and Gita's neighbors. *grin*

Course, this means I have tons of fodder when you do get famous.

And Auggy knows you too, you liar! LOL

K.A. Stewart said...

Yay! I have followers! My path to world domination has begun... Muhahaha!

(And we don't talk about that poker game. What happened at WJC stays at WJC)

BeshterBooks said...

LOL We can't have rules like that, I need fodder for the National Enquirer when you are rich and famous.