Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Plot Sickens

So, in plotting out the NaNo project (complete with jackalope), I realize how much FUN I have doing advance plotting. And since I'm forcing myself NOT to write anything on this project until November 1st (and let me tell you, it's hard!) I am pouring my creative energies into the outline.

There's a keen sense of satisfaction everytime I add something into a later chapter, and I can SO clearly see where hints and foreshadowing need to be layered into earlier chapters to make it all hang together in the end. And while this one is getting an extraordinary amount of extra-planning time, I may have to make this a practice for my future works. It's just...coming together so neatly!

Research of the day: Dutch words, the mythology of the Wendigo, and the Cheyenne creation myth.

The Wendigo thing is going to have to wait for a future book though. Y'know, in this series I haven't even started yet.

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