Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Exhaustion vs. Satisfaction

Today, I pounded out almost 1800 words, and finished chapter 23. My heroes have saved the world folks, just like I knew they would. It was a bit hairy there for a while, I don't mind telling you. My heart was pounding just as hard as theirs by the time I typed that last period.

Seriously, I am just WIPED. Saving the world is hard work! Apparently so is writing about it. But I am done with chapter 23 now. (it clocked in at almost 5K words in and of itself, my longest chapter to date) Now, I only have my denoument chapter to write, and I'll be done with this first draft. Easily obliterating my 70K first draft goal.

I (and my heroes) need a vacation.


Auggy said...


K.A. Stewart said...

I'm not sure that counts as a vacation per se... Maybe as a lark?