Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gods Bless Beta Readers

In particular, today, bless Theo and Chie. In a matter of an hour or so, they've managed to pinpoint things that are going wrong already in the first few chapters, AND add a new character that's going to add an unbelievable new element to this story. It's so amazing what a fresh pair of eyes can do, as well as people to just listen to me babble, and bounce ideas off of.

And to my utter joy, the problems they've found are easily corrected, and the new character is easily inserted without major rewrites. I am sans child, this weekend, and while hubby is sleeping today, I may rework those first six chapters to add the things needed, then move on with chapter 7. Perhaps, when I see the changes in the flesh so to speak, chapter 7 won't seem nearly so daunting and I can get it underway.

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BeshterBooks said...

Woot....glad for progress.