Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday blahs

I didn't want to work today. I didn't want to write today. All I wanted was to be out of my office and somewhere else. It probably had to do with the fact that the sun was shining for the first time in like forever.

Of course, when I get home, I find a lovely rejection e-mail from one of my partial submissions. This one has me kinda down. The first rejection wasn't so bad, because I know that particular agent doesn't truly rep what I've written. But this one... This one has me questioning my skill, my plot, my characters, everything. And the agent didn't even say anything negative! Oh the neurosis one standard form rejection letter can breed. It's a wonder any writer is sane.

I still have two partials out, and two queries. One of the queries and one of the partials I only sent recently, so I figure I'm in for a long wait on those. And the other query is one of no interest = no response, so I figure another two weeks and I can mark it off my list as a no. And of course, I have an entire list of agents to query, after this. It's all part of the process.

I'll try to keep working on project 3. I know that these rollercoasters of emotion are par for the course, and that I shouldn't take anything as a nail in the coffin or anything. Knowing it doesn't make the disappointment hurt any less, though.


Writer, Rejected said...

Hey, there. So sorry about your rejection. It's a bummer, but come on over to Literary Rejections on Display ( for some comfort. Maybe you'll want to post your rejections: there's something very freeing about giving them an airing among supportive writers. Anyway, good luck with your manuscript.

BeshterBooks said...

Does it help I love your manuscript? Course, I'm no agent, perhaps not!

I have one friend out this way who would like to read it as a 'critical' type of read, (she writes too, and is friends of some published folk), but I don't pass along friends manuscripts unless they say it's OK. If you are ever interested, I can shoot you her email if you'd like to get to know a stranger before sending your baby out.