Friday, March 21, 2008

The week in review

Well, I did zero writing today, because the Real Job(tm) was just nuts. But since I exceeded my goal every other day, I'll call it good.

Still no updates on queries/partials out. One query I expected to hear back from by now, and I'm starting to wonder if the agent received it at all. I'll give it another week, and try again if I don't hear anything.

And as for the spa day last Sunday... I can safely say it was the strangest thing I've ever done.

First, you have to understand that I'm not a girly girl. I don't wear makeup, "doing my hair" = ponytail, and I never ever pamper myself. So the spa was a strange and foreign land. I entered it wary and on edge.

First I had a facial. It was all right, I suppose, but I could have done without the lady telling me how I was ruining my skin by not moisturizing in one breath, and telling me how perfect my skin was in the next. I mean, really, it can't be both, yes? She kept saying "Now, I want to see you back every five weeks!" Yeah...not happening.

Next, I had a body wrap, which basically consists of me being scrubbed all over with bristle brushes, slathered in extremely HOT lotion, and then getting wrapped up like a Chipotle burrito for twenty minutes. I will say that my skin came out very very soft afterwards.

Then, I had a massage, which was probably the only part of the experience I would repeat. (like...once a year. Not all the time) I even let her do my feet, which most folks who know me should be shocked by. And then she took hot towels and wrapped around my feet, and that was just heaven.

Finally, I had a shampoo and style. And I had no idea what I wanted done, so I told the guy to just play with it. So first, he blow dries my very curly hair straight. Then, he proceeds to RE-curl it with a big curling iron. I wound up with pageant hair. And I had to wash it immediately when I got home, because the hairspray fumes were making me nauseous.

So, all in all, it wasn't a vile experience, and I'm glad that the mystery of the whole environment has been removed. But I doubt I'll be doing it again. I guess I don't have to worry about spending all my fabulous riches on spa treatments, once I get famous and wealthy.


dragonflylass said...

Ah. Well. At least you tried! *knowing grin*

BeshterBooks said...

I am trying not to giggle imagining you with a facial.

Don't let people touch your hair! I like it as it is. You without curls is strange and abnormally wrong in my universe! 'Cause, you see, it's all about me!