Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fly, little partial, fly!

My snail mail partial is on its merry way! At least, I hope it's merry. I suppose it could get stuck next to the package that gripes all the way and doesn't share the armrest, but...

Ok, yes, I'm a little punchy today. Querying results in these drastic highs and lows of emotion that are just downright exhausting. One moment, I am convinced that my book is unique and well written and marketable, and in the next breath, I become just as certain that it's the biggest pile of horse puckey ever written, and I should be embarrassed that I'm wasting these poor agents' time.

I got no writing done today, sadly, because the Real Job (tm)took up a good chunk of my attention. Guess it's a good thing I came out quite a bit ahead for my last two days. Means I might make quota for the week as a whole. (though I swore I wouldn't take advantage of padding that way) So maybe tomorrow I'll get 1.000 words written and it'll count for today and tomorrow both.

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