Monday, March 31, 2008


I didn't hit my word count today (missed it by about 177 words, I do believe). But at least I wrote SOMEthing. Nothing grates on me worse than the days that I stare at the blinking cursor of doom and NOTHING happens.

I finally got around to reading I Am Legend yesterday. Just the one short story, not the rest in the collection (yet). And I realized that it incorporates one of my big phobias in movies/books. (no, not zombies. though sorta) See, I get really creeped out when people are in situations that there is NO escape from. Like movies in space. Or deep underwater. To this day, I think I can only watch The Abyss because I know how it ends. And movies/books where the bad guys are all around you, and there is no where to run to, no safe place to aspire to.

That creeps me right out.

Which of course led me to imagining how I would do a story with a similar scenario. My difficulty, of course, would be in finding the new twist to put on it, something that hasn't been flogged to death like the proverbial horse. I haven't quite figured it out yet (and it may see me branching into short story writing, 'cause I don't know that I'd want to write an entire novel centered around something so bleak that also makes me have full body shudders). But if I ever do wrap my brain around a truly unique idea, we'll see how writing works as phobia therapy. (there is also that zombie novel I'm going to write someday....way WAY in the future)

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