Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I've decided that I need to write 500 words a day. It doesn't matter what on, just...500 words must go onto paper (screen).

I met today's goal and surpassed it by over 400. Go me!

Still waiting on queries. No more responses yet.


BeshterBooks said...

Just remember, Frank Herbert had to go to a company that produce technical and science manuals to get Dune published.

In the meantime, have a cookie!

dragonflylass said...

Soooooooooooo... if you go OVER 500 words, do you get to put those words in a "bank" just in case you don't get 500 words on another day? You know, your rainy day words or something like that?

On another note, I got my new KC Library card. They have some books I want to read about mystery series writing. Again, to avoid much ass-like appearancing. There is a new show on A&E that starts tonight called Crime 360. It is a REAL crime scene investigation type show, I think. Going to check it out. Can't hurt to do more research, eh?

K.A. Stewart said...

Research is always your friend. ;)

And I did ponder the "words in the bank" idea, but I figured it would only encourage me to slack. So if I miss my goal, I have to make it up, but if I go over, I still have to do 500 every day.

That sounds sufficiently unfair to myself.