Monday, December 10, 2007

The Research, it is strange...

In preparation for two new projects, I have been making a list of things to research. Included on this list is:

Greek gods
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

These things don't necessarily belong to the same project (well, ok, the first two do, but the third is for its own thing). But I do find some amusement in the varied state of my interests. Gita, my medical consultant, gets questions ranging from "How would a pre-technological society drain fluid off the lungs" to "what easily obtainable narcotic can be dissolved in juice and be strong enough to kill a small human?" I have also given her the challenge of deciding how many ribs can feasibly be removed before complications ensue (but that question was for someone else's book, not my own)

At any rate, I made a ton of notes and a loose outline today for yet ANOTHER new project to be completed sometime in the future. That brings my total to 2 new projects, 1 abandoned project to pick up later, and 1 sequel to my current project (which is still in the editing phases)

Theo's very close to having his notes to me. I think he's enjoyed this. And Kat says I am free to bribe her with chocolate and/or books to read for me again in the future. This makes me happy. (because if I sucked, she wouldn't wanna read for me. See the logic there?)

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