Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I Haz Plan!

If I had my brand new digital camera up and functional, I'd start accosting my cats to make lolcatz pictures illustrating said plan. But I don't, so my cats are safe for yet another day.

I buckled down at work today (on my lunch break, I'm not a total slacker) and at the end of it all, I have only one chapter left to revise based on my own notes. Then, Theo's going to deliver me his long-awaited treatise on my work, and I'll be going through what I have again, with that in hand. THEN, I'm going to spend the bucks to print it out one more time (might even bind it, that'd be cool), and go through it yet AGAIN. And that, my friends, will be that. It will be finished, done, finito. Length will be set at whatever it ends as.

I have sworn an oath in front of three people (which makes it official) that I will have a submission-ready manuscript and a submission-ready query letter AND a list of potential agents ready by January 31st. You heard it here. Deadline is set, people know, if I chicken out now I'm gonna look like a giant goober.

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