Thursday, December 13, 2007

And again

I got Theo's notes (and some from his lady love, which was an extra bonus!), and I'm currently letting them sink into my brain. A lot of it dealt with things I've already addressed (but it made me glad to know that my instincts seem to be right). But both he and his lady love have agreed that my protagonist has it too easy.

And this made me think of something I heard Jim Butcher say, at a book signing I attended. He said "If I think it's going to make my hero's day worse, I put it in." So now, I'm pondering how to make my hero's day worse, without totally adding in a new plot thread. (because honestly, I think my plot is pretty tight as it stands, and I like it.)

I think I've figured out some areas I want to tweak, but I decided that I simply could not do such extensive editing on the computer screen, so once again utilized Kinkos and their wonderful online printing option. This time, I even got it bound, so it almost looks like a real book!

Within ten minutes of picking it up, I had it adorned with sticky flags and highlighter marks, already making my plans. I have decided that, after THIS round of editing, it's done. No matter how long or short it is, this is the last batch I'm doing.

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