Monday, March 2, 2009

Wherein I confess my dork-dom

It's no secret that I play WoW. What I rarely admit, though, is that I play on an RP server, and I do it because I LIKE to RP. When surrounded by a frothing mob of "lolwut zomg suxxors bbqftw!" cretins, it's hard to remember that fact, but I do. I like to RP.

And even more than that, I like to write stories for my characters, and my friends' characters. As far as writing goes, writing a novel is like a marathon in Death Valley in August, and writing for WoW is a nice refreshing jog around the block in the springtime. So it's a vacation of sorts, a pick-me-up.

This week, an old RP friend looked me up to say "Hey, I missed our stories together." And I went back and read the old stuff, and I missed it too! There's something comforting about sliding into these old characters, people I've known for years, lives that have gone on (in theory) quite contentedly in the time since I quit playing them.

I'm not sure really what this has to do with anything, except to say that sometimes, writing old things is just as pleasurable as writing new ones.


BeshterBooks said...

I miss your character stories. You wrote some of the best ones. I miss our 'ye olde days' of VtM dorkiness, in the ancient prehistory before you got WoW and I got LARP. *snerk* I was thinking of Hendrix and Tasmin just Sunday for no real reason, and it made me think of Kylara...who would probably be dead now. LOL Now at days I game maybe once a month, and it's so different the characters I play now.

Your stories always were amazing, it's how I got hooked on to you as a writer, hon.

Auggy said...


Now that I got that out of my system. We still have to figure out that whole, uhm...other thing that we were talking about...what 3 years ago?

Maybe not. But we could.