Friday, March 13, 2009

To know, or not to know?

I had an e-mail from The Agent last night indicating that he may have a bigger update for me sometime next week. In publishing time, this means sometime before July. This is not to be construed as good news, however, because the update could just as easily be "they all laughed and mocked you."

I'm a little torn on the issue. I mean, I'm DYING to know what editors think about my work. But I'm also wary of being totally devastated if they hate me. Or, even worse, if I fall into that "soooo close but no cigar" category.

I told the Purgatorians today that I have an irrational fear that editors will want a rewrite involving a midget rodeo clown. A co-worker then suggested that if I did that, I should put it in space, because everything is better in space. And add ninjas. Space ninjas. Space ninja gas station attendants.

And the demented part of my mind is trying to figure out how to DO that.

I worked on the Son of Project 2 today, a little. 800-ish words, which is more than I've managed all the rest of the week. I promised myself that I'd start next revisions on Project 3 next week, addressing my beta-reader comments, but now I wonder if I shouldn't ride out this brief creativity spurt first.

Going childless this weekend, so hubby and I can attend Naka-Kon. This'll be my first anime convention (first convention of any kind, really) and I'm mostly going to keep hubby from buying EVERYthing in the vendor room. Wish me luck. First fangirl that whaps me with a glow stick is getting pummelled. I wonder if they let you blog from jail?


Auggy said...

Midget space ninja rodeo clown gas station attendants. With Catgirl ears and glowsticks. But no softball accessories. Them's dangerous things.

BeshterBooks said...

Sure they let you blog from jail, it's called Twitter!